LED Eyelashes

Bored with the same old eyelashes make-up? The future of fashion has arrived! Now shine like never before with this eye-catching interactive LED eyelashes and uplift your fashion style in parties, night club, bar, concerts and many more. These eyelashes comes with 10 rhythmic modes to match different dance moves. Just stick these little strips to your eyelids and you’re ready to roll!

Girl wearing LED eyelashes

Boy wearing LED eyelashes

LED eyelashes components

Steps to wear LED eyelashes

Girl showing how to wear LED eyelashes

LED eyelashes uses in parties


  • Great accessory for parties, bar, night club, concerts, halloween and many more.
  • Microcomputer controlled 10 modes for different rhythms and dance moves.
  • No interference with vision.
  • No risk of shock as it uses battery just like in wrist watches.
  • Long lasting battery. Upto 4 hours of continuous working.
  • Lightweight and durable.

Rs. 959.00

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