Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Light

No more blinding at your midnight bathroom trips! This motion activated toilet bowl light is designed to emit a soft glow so that you don’t end up making a complete mess. It is small in size, 100% waterproof and comes in eight different color options. It has a built-in motion sensor which turns the light on when the person enters and turns off when it leaves.A perfect accessory to decorate your bathroom.

Toilet Bowl Light

Toilet Bowl Light Clip on

Toilet Bowl Light Device

Toilet Bowl Light Circuit

Toilet Bowl Pink Light


  • Install easily on any toilet bowl rim.
  • Certified with ip45 waterproofing to protect it from daily toilet use.
  • Built-in light and motion sensor for auto ON and auto OFF function.
  • Built-in eight different color options and a rainbow cycle mode.
  • Turns off automatically when detects light to save energy.
  • Can fix anywhere to work as motion sensor light in the dark.

Rs. 469.00

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