USB Coffee/Tea Mug Warmer

Crafted a perfect cup of coffee/tea but only to let it go cold because you got distracted by office work or gossiping with your colleague. Worse, right? Well, no need to worry now! Just plug this USB mug warmer, keep your mug on top and get a nice warm drink ready to sip, everytime. This USB mug warmer is compatible with Mac, PC, Chromebook etc. and uses only one USB port. Also, the temperature stays within the safe limit of warming and doesn’t boil the liquid. An ideal accessory for workplace.



USB Mug Warmer Features

  • No software installation required. Just plug-in and use.
  • Nonstick, easy to clean surface.
  • Durable material and sleek in size.
  • Ideal to keep tea/coffee mug warm. Works best wit ceramic mugs.
  • Available in vibrant colours and stylish patterns.
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